Enabling Complex Cellular Engineering to Transform the Lives of Patients

MaxCyte is a leading provider of cell-engineering platform technologies that are advancing innovative cell-based research, development and potential commercialization of next‐generation of cell therapies focused on making a meaningful difference for patients. The Company's technology is employed by leading drug developers worldwide as well as hundreds of biotechnology companies and academic translational centers.


One Unifying Technology from Concept to Clinic

MaxCyte’s ExPERT™ instrument family represents the next generation of the industry’s leading, clinically validated, electroporation technology for complex and scalable cellular engineering. By delivering high transfection efficiency with enhanced functionality, the ExPERT platform delivers the high-end performance essential to enabling the next wave of biological and cellular therapeutics.



A History Driven by Scientific Advancements

MaxCyte has pioneered the development of a cell-engineering platform based on Flow Electroporation® Technology. Originally conceived to meet the stringent demands of cell therapy applications – namely, the ability to safely and reproducibly modify human cells with high efficiency, low cytotoxicity and at the scale required to treat patients – MaxCyte has expanded the platform and applications to accelerate the development of small molecule drugs, biologics and vaccines, in addition to broadly enabling cell therapy applications.



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